Unit Conversion Tool
by Don Cross

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  1. Enter a numeric expression (e.g. "77.3*gal" or "(500*ft + 3*mi)/(17*gal)") in the box labeled "Source value". Note that unit symbols are treated as variables.
  2. Enter units you want to convert to in the box labeled "Target units".
  3. Click the "Convert" button. The converted result will appear in the "Target value" box.

How to Express Units

Units may be multiplied using *, divided using /, or raised to an integer power using ^. For example, to express cubic feet per minute, type ft^3/min. Furthermore, compatible units may be added or subtracted, as in 5*ft + 8*in.

Use the tilde symbol ~ to represent ± with uncertainties. Note that uncertainties are required to have a smaller absolute value than the quantity they modify. For example, 17*ft~0.7*in means (17 feet)±(0.7 inches).

The following units are available in this unit conversion tool. Click on a unit name to get more information about that unit.

Define a Custom Unit


User-Defined Units