Photographs of Saturn by Don Cross

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Here are some photographs of Saturn I took on 1 March 2008 at around 9:30 PM EST. I used an Olympus digital camera hooked up to my Celestron Super Polaris 8-inch reflector (Schmidt-Cassegrain design with German Equatorial mount, built around 1992.) The camera was held in place with the cardboard tube from a toilet paper roll! The numbers beneath each photo are the shutter speed in seconds, followed by the aperture value.
Saturn with 1/40 second shutter speed Saturn with 1/25 second shutter speed Saturn with 1/20 second shutter speed
1/100 F3.2 1/25 F3.2 1/20 F3.2

More photos of Saturn, taken 2 March 2008 around 9:30 PM EST.

Saturn Saturn Saturn

This is the telescope I used to take the Saturn photos. The silvery thing on the front of the optical tube is a solar filter. It is made of aluminized mylar, and allows me to safely look directly at the Sun. I tried taking some photos of the Sun today (2 March 2008), but they are extremely boring because there aren't any sunspots visible.
My Celestron Super Polaris telescope